Get Diagnostic Results When They Matter.

With suspected acute infectious diseases such as Covid-19 or flu, diagnostic insights are most valuable while the patient is still in your care.

Next Generation Cartridge Technology

The Flash cartridge microfluidics technology replaces everything required for sample processing by a centralized lab right in your office.


Significant advances in software and pneumatic technology achieved by Thermal Gradient allow for a significant acceleration of the natural polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process, yielding faster diagnostics. 


The disposable Flash cartridges have lyophilized reagents on board and are designed to be self-contained, greatly reducing the risk of sample handling contamination.




Easy to Use.


With the Flash platform, there is never a need to confirm test results. You get the same level of performance seen in reference labs.


Make informed treatment decisions and manage your patients more effectively. Drive more impactful patient care in any setting.

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