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Thermal Gradient Performs 13 Minute MRSA Test

RICHMOND, VA – Thermal Gradient, after receiving its first FlashDirect prototypes in April, has demonstrated the ability to perform a MRSA test in just 13 minutes.

As previously announced, the FlashDirect platform is ideally suited for the point-of-care market and will be available in three variants, FlashAmp, FlashDirect-LC, and FlashDirect-HC. All three are small, highly portable, battery powered if desired, and perform sample-to-answer nucleic acid tests in low cost disposable cartridges.

The FlashAmp variant is a quantitative PCR instrument intended for the non-diagnostic market and has been undergoing validation tests and optimizations for the past month. The same base instrument was used to demonstrate the MRSA test using the company’s prototype sample-to-answer cartridge.

“We have achieved another critical milestone in bringing our technology to a commercial reality,” said CEO Robert Juncosa. “The validation of the FlashDirect prototype instrument and cartridge is going faster than expected. Achieving these results in such a short time is not only a testament to our technology but the dedication of the development team.”

“This is just the beginning,” Juncosa added. “We do not believe that we have hit the limit of performance. We have every reason to believe that when we are finished, routine point-of-care testing for HIV, Malaria, Influenza, MRSA and for other targets will be done in 5-10 minutes.”

About Thermal Gradient

Thermal Gradient is located to the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park in Richmond, Virginia. Thermal Gradient develops devices and systems for rapid molecular diagnostics based on their proprietary thermal cycling and nucleic acid extraction technologies. They are presently developing products for nucleic acid testing research and infectious disease detection and are pursuing collaboration, licensing and other strategic opportunities.

Thermal Gradient wishes to acknowledge the continuing support from NIH for the development of a field deployable HIV detection and monitoring system. It is under this program that the recent advances were made.

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